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Plants of the Shoalhaven Region CD-Rom

An online version is available free, developed by Dr Kiri Whan

Developed in the R programing language and delivered via Shiny Server. Delivered via a free server with limited hours avaliable so we have 4 sites available if one is unavailable then try another one or or or

A FilemakerPro stand-alone Database of 2,295 plants based around the Shoalhaven Region of New South Wales, although its useful for the Central Coast - including the Sydney region - to the south east corner of Australia.

Each plant has

at least one picture, many with slideshows

10 different screens of data containing 85 searchable fields of text

  • Facts - a printable A4 page with picture and plant summary sheet
  • Form - information about the shape or form of the plant. Includes references
  • Flower - information about the flower of the plant
  • Fruit - information about the fruit the plant produces
  • Uses - what the plant can or has been used form including bush tucker
  • Habitat - where the plant likes to live
  • Look a likes - information about other plants that this plant may be confused with

Identify plants with the aid of our picture pathways without having to know all those botanical terms.

  • Find Screen - choose by type, habitat, native, outsider native or weed
  • Find Leaf - choose what type of leaf
  • Find Flower - choose by shape, colour, when
  • Find Fruit - choose by shape, colour, when
  • Find by 23 differing Categories

Illustrated Glossary included - helps explain those botanical terms

Bibliography included

Ideal for:

  • Landcarers

  • Farmers

  • Gardeners

  • Bush regenerators

  • Nurserys

  • anyone interested in Natural Resource Management

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Its editable which means you can grow it yourself by adding or weeding out plants of your own choosing.