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Plants of the Shoalhaven Region CD-Rom

An online version is available free of charge developed by Dr Kiri Whan

Developed in the R programing language and delivered via Shiny Server. Delivered via a free server with limited hours avaliable so we have 4 sites available if one is unavailable then try another one or or or


Examples of using multiple search parameters and alternate pathways to search for datasets in the Plants Of the Shoalhaven Region database.

4 examples with be used for different user groups – that is, a landholder,  an educator, a bushcarer or a gardener.

1. A landholder or farmer may wish to:

2. A educator, teacher or trainer may wish to:

3. A bushcarer, dunecarer, rivercarer may wish to:

4. A gardener may wish to:

 I can't get it to work

The program is best run from your hard disk, so you will need to copy the folder on your CD-ROM to your hard disk - my documents folder is most probably the best place for most users. You must copy the folder itself not just the visible files inside it.

 I cannot see the slideshows

The program uses Quicktime to display the slide shows. Its available FREE from

 I can only see a few records

You need to click the "ALL" button in the lower right hand corner or under the RECORDS Menu select "Show All". After each find request you only see the records that match your last find request.

 Why are they not in alphabetical order

The default sort order is by Family name then the scientific name. You can sort the records by clicking the SORT Button lower right hand corner or selecting Sort under the Records Menu and then follow the dialog box.

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