The Virtual Australian Historical Folk Museum

This site contains Australia's first Virtual Australian Historical Folk Museum. The Museum is based on the work of one individual who collected, collated, displayed and maintained the collection. He is now unable, due to health, to open his museum to the public, so this is our attempt to ensure all his hard work does not go to waste.

We have divided the museum into four main scenes for ease of downloading. They are

  • The Entrance - examples from all collection including old Military unifroms, bottles, saws etc. (182K for 2 nodes)
  • The Display room - items of historical nature from female bedpans to old sulkies (330K for 3 nodes)
  • The Military room - items collected during World War 2 from both European and Pacific theartes of war(561K for 5 nodes)
  • The Homestead - A collection of sheds showing old bedroom, kitchen, sulky and Blacksmiths sheds.(495K for 5 nodes - 1 partial)
  • The Complete Museum - a single download and you have the lot (1.5meg for 15 nodes)
  • Each of the above pages contains a Quicktime Virtual Reality Scene of the area discribed. Each scene contains more than two links or nodes or points of view from which to see the area from(the cursor will change to an arrow), Information on the some of the objects can be found in the text below the scenes.

    For site details
    A high resolution CD-ROM version of this Museum is under construction. It will contain better movies ( the zoom in gives far more detail), linked information on the objects appearing without scrolling, information on many more objects, historical and war photographs. If you would like to reserve your copy then simply email us with your contact details (no money until you recieve delivery) and we will contact you when its ready. The expected cost will be $50 Australian Dollars.