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Courtsey of Mr I Borrowdale - Noxious Weeds Officer Shoalhaven City Council

Declared Noxious Weeds of Shoalhaven City

 Category 1: Notifiable Weed

Common Name Latin Name







 Category 2: Fully and Continuously Suppressed!

Common Name Latin Name

 Category 3: Contain and Reduce Number!

Common Name Latin Name












Weeds pictured in Shoalhaven City Council's Pamphlet of Noxious Weeds of the South Coast.


(Salvinia molesta)

  African Boxthorn

(Lycium ferocissimum)

  African Lovegrass

(Eragrostis curvula)

  Bathurst / Noogoora

(Xanthium spp.)

  Bitou Bush or Boneseed

(Chrysanthemoides monilifera)


(Rubus fruticosus (agg.) spp.)

 Crofton Weed

(Ageratina adenophora)


(Ulex europaeus)

  Nodding Thistle

(Carduus nutans)

 Pampas Grass

(Cortaderia spp.)

  Rhus Tree

(Toxicodendron succendaneum)

 Serrated Tussock

(Nasselia trichotoma)

  St John's Wort

(Hypericum perforatum)

  Water Hyacinth

(Eichhornia crassipes)


(Senecio madagascariensis)