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Green Corps Team

Our eighth Green Corps team, partnering with Auswide Projects, will engage in a program lasting for six months. They will help us collect lots of seed stock, plant many tube stock, destroy copious amounts of weeds, fence out precious riparian zones, learn heaps about our native plants and how to care for their enviroment.


Past Projects

June '98 Red Cedar (Toona ciliata) Replanting Trial.

The flats of the Narrawallee Catchment were covered by forests of red cedar. Yackungarrah Creek takes its name from the Koorie word for red cedar. It was the reason for opening up this area. At present there are only a few scattered trees.

The groups first project was a trial to test the theory that red cedar (toona ciliata) could be successfully regrown if it was protected from the cedar moth (hypsipyla robusta) by shade, the theory being that the moth dislikes shade and will not go into shaded areas. This project was sponsored by the Lower Shoalhaven Total Catchment Management Committee, they donated 70(approx) young seedlings. Next year we hope to plant from seed collected locally! We tried to collect the seed but the Cedar Tip Moth beat us to it.

At present we have one site which is already fenced off from stock and well covered by an existing canopy. It accommodates approximately 50 trees. All the other seedlings were distributed ( in groups of 4 or 5) to landowners who already had cedar trees growing on their properties. Also distributed were application forms for Harvesting guarantee, in the form of registered plantations. It is up to the individual landowners to apply for this guarantee.


July '98 Update: All the seedlings have been distributed. We have information on the Harvest Guarantee Act, including the relevant application forms for registering/altering your own timber plantation (min of 1 hectare) under this act. This Act allows you to harvest any timber planted for this purpose, including timber such as cedar! Further information can be obtained from or by phoning (02) 9391 22 92 - asking for the Timber Plantations Officer.

Feb 2000 Update: We are monitoring the major planting of 50+ trees. The trees have now been in the ground for about 18 months and all bar 1 has survived. The average height of the trees is now about 1.5 metres with no sign of any attack by the cedar tip moth although an established tree on the same property but in the open is heavily infested.

April 2000 Update: The site was inspected and about 12 trees were found, many others were just not seen due to heavy cover. Click here to see a panorama of the type of country we tried this experiment in.


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