Supertubes or Burrill lake Headland


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This spot is located 150 metres from the Princes Highway, midway between Ulladulla and Burrill Lake on the south coast of NSW, Australia. It is a renowned surfing and fishing spot.

A. The access off the highway is unsuitable, even for present day usage due to two factors.

1. There is an old cobblestone road. Part of the original road to Burrill. It is showing obvious signs of decay with unrestricted usage.

2. The access is on a blind crest.

B. Council presently has signage advising No access for cars down the path to headland. It has even placed a large log across the road and placed a gate on the side road.

1. The log has had dirt pushed up on either side to allow at least tractor acess.

2. The gate on side road has been removed and thrown into the bush.

C. The headland has been and is still being slashed.

1. There must be an Occupational Health & Safety issue with slashing on such a steep slope.

2. There is a real safety issue with the actual cliff edge not marked in any way.

D. This site provides one of the best unrestricted views of our coastline, and close to the Highway.

1. A viewing platform or vegetative fringe would be a safer solution to the cliff edge.

2. What other changes could add to the safe use of this area by surfers, fishers and recreation?

3. Which paths should be managed aceess points and where could shelter be extended?

4. Can marine bird foraging areas on rock platforms be restricted from dogs when they're allowed on Racecourse Beach?

Milton Rural Landcare Inc is encouraging those with an interest in this great spot to suggest creative ideas for allowing everyone to enjoy access to rocks, surf, beaches and views with better management solutions. Contact Kellie Lowe, Shoalhaven City Council or John King, Coastcare officer, with ideas.