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Wildflowers Photo CD-Rom

Want to learn the names of some of the native Australian wildflowers you love? This collection is named for your information, on each photo, so you see them whenever you're not working on your computer. Much better than flashing colours you can absorb the image and get to know its scientific and common name!

These royalty-free images can be used as a screen saver but are really a collection that you could treat as clip art for your cards or added to a note to a friend.

All the photographs are of Australian native plants with pretty flowers found around the Shoalhaven region. Photographed on a NIKON camera and reproduced at 300 dpi so you can resize and print.

80 digital images of 75 unique native plant species:

Myrtle Wattle
Barker’s Boronia
Pink Boronia
Milkwort Boronia
Matted Bossiaea
Variable Daisy
Christmas Orchid
Love Creeper
Variable Smoke-bush
Mountain Correa
Native Fuchsia
Tree Orchid
Blue Dampiera
Blunt-leaf Bitter-pea
Sandstone Parrot-pea
Smooth Parrot-pea
Showy Parrot-pea
Donkey Orchid
Streaked Rock Orchid
Bridal Veil Orchid
Coral Heath
Hop Goodenia
Jervis Bay Grevillea
Rosemary Grevillea
Royal Grevillea
Rough Guinea flower
Guinea Flower
Leafy Guinea Flower
Golden Guinea Flower
Long-leaf Hovea
Spade Flower
Native Indigo
Broad-leaf Drumsticks
Narrow-leaf Drumsticks
Rock Isotoma
Running Postman
Dusky Coral Pea
Honey Myrtle
Honey Flower
Rusty Petals
Round-leaf Teatee
White Beard-heath
Angled Lobelia
Ball Honeymyrtle
Thyme Mitrewort
Toothed Daisy
Purple Flag
Scaly Phebalium
Box-leaf Wax flower
Long-leaf Wax flower
Rough Wax flower
Rice Flower
Purple Mint-bush
Tall Bush-pea
Pale Fan-flower
Purple Fan-flower
Forest Nightshade
Vanilla Lily
Grass-leaf Trigger Plant
Scarlet Greenhood
NSW Waratah
Banded Tree Spider Orchid
Black-eyed Susan
White Rock Orchid
Dotted Sun Orchid
Ironbark Feather Orchid
Coast Rosemary
Tree Zieria

Sample images


Acacia myrtifolia
Boronia barkeriana
Boronia pinnata
Boronia polygalifolia
Bossiaea buxifolia
Brachyscome ciliaris
Calanthe australasica
Carpobrotus glaucescens
Comesperma volubile
Conospermum taxifolium
Correa lawrenciana
Correa reflexa
Cymbidium suave
Dampiera stricta
Daviesia mimosoides
Dillwynia brunioides
Dillwynia glaberrima
Dillwynia sericea
Diuris sulphurea
Dockrillia striolata
Dockrillia teretifolia
Epacris microphylla
Eucalyptus botryoides
Glossodia major
Goodenia ovata
Grevillea macleayana
Grevillea rosmarinifolius
Grevillea victoriae
Hibbertia aspera
Hibbertia cistiflora
Hibbertia monogyna
Hibbertia scandens
Hovea longifolia
Hybanthus vernonii
Indigofera australis
Isopogon anemonifolius
Isopogon anethifolius
Isotoma axillaris
Kennedia prostrata
Kennedia rubicunda
Kunzea ambigua
Lambertia formosa
Lasiopetalum ferrugineum
Leptospermum rotundifolium
Leucopogon ericoides
Lobelia alata
Melaleuca nodosa
Mirbelia rubiifolia
Mitrasacme serpyllifolia
Olearia tomentosa
Patersonia sericea
Phebalium squamulosum
Philotheca buxifolia
Philotheca myoporoides
Philotheca scabra
Pimelea linifolia
Poranthera corymbosa
Pratia purpurescens
Prostanthera ovalifolia
Pultenaea blakelyi
Scaevola albida
Scaevola ramosissima
Solanum prinophyllum
Sowerbauera juncifolia
Stylidium gramminifolium
Taurantha concinna
Telopea speciosissima
Tetrabaculum tetragonum
Tetratheca thymifolia
Thelychiton kingianus
Thelymitra ixioides
Tropilis aemula
Westringia fruticosa
Zieria arborescens

By royalty-free we mean that we are happy for them to be used for personal ideas and creations, and for teachers to educate others. We do not mean for any commercial purposes of any sort, including coursework that requires a cost from the participant. So please be honorable and contact us for any copyright request as we will negotiate accordingly. The photography remains the copyright material of Carolyn & Malcolm Whan of presOz Computer Services, Milton NSW Australia. THIS DISC is only $20 AUD.


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